This page is dedicated to the Fulbright Program scholarship.

This writing would like to be of some inspiration for the younger ones that would like to apply to the best and most prestigious scholarship in the world but, also, a brief guide on how to do it.

The Fulbright Program was founded in the second post-war period and it’s part of the cultural exchanges of the Marshall Plan.

As we know, the Marshall Plan was established to rebuild a physically and culturally destroyed World after the second world war.

The scholarship is based only on meritocracy.

In fact meritocracy is a fundamental value of American culture and, in my opinion, the single element that gives to the US the ability to reinvent itself often and always after its own failures.

In the United States, meritocracy (often, however, measured only in economic terms) is the key to select talents.

On such criteria, it is also based the selection of Italian candidates who want to expand their studies in the United States and of Americans.

In the last twenty years, however, a special thing happened.

Americans come to Italy not only to study our beautiful country, our beautiful art or for tourism, but also to study our sciences. As matter of fact, many of our universities represent the best choice to study some science subjects.

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